About Us

About the bride:

I grew up in the very small town of Highland, KS and was born and raised on a farm.  Most people who know me now find that hard to believe!  I attended Kansas State University and majored in Apparel Marketing and Business and after working a few retail and odd jobs after graduation, I, for the past three years have been with Staples Promotional Products in the apparel merchandising department helping to merchandise customer websites and catalogs.  I have been in the KC area for around six years and three years ago I bought a house, got a puppy, and have been juggling all of those things as well as planning events for friends and charities in my spare time.

About the Groom:

I grew up on a farm north of Hiawatha, KS.  After high school, I attended Kansas State University and majored in Finance.  Although I didn't picture myself moving back home after graduation, I did and took a job with Ag Partners Cooperative.  Almost six years later, I'm still with the company as a grain merchandiser and petroleum manager.  Every day I'm dealing with farmers buying grain and selling petroleum products.  Farming i still a part of my life.  My dad is retired but we continue to be involved in the industry.  After living in the country for a few years, I bought a house in Hiawatha a couple of years ago.  In my spare time, I enjoy watching sports, playing golf, and spending time on the farm.  I also am currently serving on some church and community committees.

About Us:

With both of us growing up in the same area, we both knew of each other but had never really formally met until about two years ago.  However, we didn't start dating then... 

A year later around Thanksgiving, Griff, one of Lincoln's close friends, and an old high school and college friend of Kristin's mentioned something to Lincoln about how he should ask Kristin out.  Luckily, Lincoln did and even luckier for Lincoln, Kristin said yes. 

After dating for a few months, we both knew that we had something special.  Not only did Kristin like Lincoln, but Laila (Kristin's dog) took quite a licking (yes, licking) to Lincoln too. 

In July we got engaged (see the stories below) and now we're in full swing wedding mode and can't wait to share our special day with all of you!